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Individual Financial Consulting

Walsh & Nicholson Financial Group recognizes that each client has their own unique financial needs. With your goals in mind, our personal financial professionals will assist you in developing a comprehensive financial strategy that’s more than just numbers. Prepare for long-term success today.

Your Priorities are Our Priorities

We understand that as an individual, you have goals and priorities in mind when it comes to money. WNFG makes your priorities, ours when it comes to financial planning and consulting.

Live & Spend Confidently

Develop a financial plan that works for your day-to-day living, so you can continue to spend confidently all while preparing for that rainy day or unexpected expense.

Personal Financial Consultants

Walsh & Nicholson Financial Group associates are experienced with individual financial consulting. Leave the tough questions for us, and we are here to guide you. Whether it’s retirement planning, estate planning, or investment consulting we can help.

A Growth Strategy Built For a Stable Future

We aim to work with you to not only grow your finances short-term but also lead you into a stable and successful future.

  • Assess current finances
  • Understand what you’d like to achieve financially (present and future)
    • Save
    • Invest
    • Pay down debt
  • Determine your risk tolerance
  • Create a strategy to get you there

Personal Finance Consulting in Philadelphia, PA

Walsh & Nicholson Financial Group offers individual financial consulting services near Philadelphia, PA. Our office is located in Wayne, PA near Levittown and surrounding areas. If you are interested in inquiring about our services, please fill out our contact form or call our office at 610.688.4447. We look forward to working with you soon.

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